I was born and single handedly raised by my mother, and I watched her go through with her labour of love diligently , even though many times she was quick to lash out at me for any perceived mistake. I always wondered what it would be like to have a father because I didn’t grow up with mine. And so I became a prime case of needy love, I wanted to be accepted and loved I felt it would give me some self worth.. I couldn’t be more wrong.. I searched for love in every word , every gesture, every move, like a sponge I soaked in every form of affection as a child and when none was coming forth? I created  a platform to get it, even if it meant pretending to be Ill or in distress .. Whatever would get me noticed I did.. I was hungry for love. I felt something was missing in me, something had to be wrong with me, else why did I not have the perfect life other people around me seemed to have! I was different why? That question reverberated in my head constantly and I needed answers.

If you can relate with this.. Then we are going somewhere together. Stay with me..



Yes who dunnit? There a lot of young women out there who have been emotionally traumatized and are hurting and looking for room for expression , this blog is about recovery.. God’s way.

Watch this space for real life experiences and how to overcome and become the strong balanced lady God created you to be.